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About Us

Anhui Quanchai Engine Co., Ltd. is a China manufacturer of diesel engine and diesel generator set, founded in 1949. With more than 60 years experience, we have over 3,000 employees producing Euro II, Euro III and Euro IV diesel engines, open diesel generator sets, silent diesel generator sets, as well as diesel engine spare parts and components. With power ranging from 1KW to 260KW, our diesel engine has several configurations, including single cylinder, two cylinder, three cylinder, four cylinder and six cylinder types. They are widely used in vehicles, trucks, harvesters, construction machinery, generator sets, water pumps and many other applications and industries.

We have been working closely with ELSBETT Company from Germany, Shanghai Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute, Chongqing Automobile Research Institute and many universities to continue our development and research in the diesel engine field. Since 2005 we are using advanced, high pressure, common rail technology in accordance with National Emissions Standards III. In 2007, we developed 4D22E, 4D18E National Emissions Standards III diesel engines, with independent intellectual property rights.

In 2008, we made sizable investments in the acquisition of EUP electric VE pump technologies, which have resulted in improvements in our National Ⅲ series products. We are also prepared to develop and produce Euro IV diesel engines

To date, we have developed 4D22E, 4D22EA, 4D18E, 4D25, 4D25F and 4D26 diesel engines, so we are able to meet customers' diversified needs.

Since our establishment, we at Quanchai Engine have been committed to providing high quality diesel engines to our customers. Relying on our technological innovations, we are able to consistently improve our products following ISO9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949 standards, additionally, using high precision equipment and acquiring raw materials and components from qualified suppliers enable us to guarantee high quality of our CE generator diesel engine, harvester diesel engine, truck diesel engine and other engines from Quanchai Engine, enjoying a good reputation in the combustion engine industry with several honors including Famous Trademark in Anhui Province, Advanced Enterprise in Quality Management, China Well-known Trademark and others.
In order to better service and reach our customers' needs, we provide product samples, OEM service and fast delivery of quality diesel engines.


In order to satisfy our customers, we provide quality diesel engines and services. We can offer product samples for customers to inspect. In addition, our large production capacity guarantees fast delivery time, generally, within 20 days. OEM service is also available upon request.

Main Products
    1. Generator Diesel EngineQuanchai generator series diesel engine has a great performance and high quality. Their key components are optimized for high-speed automotive diesel engine parts and components.
    1. Water Pump Diesel EngineThe water pump diesel engine is easy to maintain because it is able to use universal spare parts. It has direct injection combustion chamber, low fuel consumption and simple starting; with small size ...
    1. Harvester Diesel EngineWe offer harvester diesel engines with dry cylinder liner type, direct injection and other characteristics. Our harvester engines have power from 25 to 55KW, 53 to 66.2KW and 66 to 92KW.
    1. Tractor Diesel EngineThe tractor diesel engine has been specially designed for medium and large type of tractors, saving cost for operation and maintenance. It has large bore and long stroke with high torque ...
    1. Truck Diesel EngineThe truck diesel engine uses direct injection combustion chamber, advanced performance, low fuel consumption and easy starting. Its body, cylinder head, crankshaft and other ...