Euro Ⅱ Diesel Engine

Euro Ⅱ Diesel Engine

Quanchai Euro Ⅱ diesel engine has a great performance and high quality. Their key components are optimized for high-speed automotive diesel engine. It has a dynamic interface in line with National Emissions Standards II. Additionally, it has large power reserve, high torque, strong climbing ability and low fuel consumption with low vibration and noise.

Euro Ⅱ ZLQ Series Diesel Engine (Turbo Charging and Inner Cooler)
Our ZLQ diesel engine includes several models: QC480ZLQ, N485ZLQ, N490ZLQ and 4105ZLQ. All models are vertical, in-line, water cooled and four-stroke diesel engines. The QC480ZLQ model is available in 38KW power, and has 4 cylinders. The N485ZLQ model is designed with 48KW power and a consumption ratio no more than 235g/kw•h. The model 4105ZLQ is available in power of 93KW. For more details, please read the following technical specification chart.

Model QC480ZLQ N485ZLQ N490ZLQ 4105ZLQ
Engine type Vertical, in-line, water cooler, four-stroke, turbo charging & inner cooler
No . of Cylinders 4 4 4 4
Bore*Stroke (mm*mm) 80*90 85*95 90*100 105*118
Displacement (L) 1.809 2.156 2.544 4.087
Rated Output/Speed (Kw /r/min) 38/3000 48/3000 60/3000 93/3000
Max Torque (Nm/r/min) 131/2000 172/2000 210/2100 350/1600
Consumption Ratio (G/Kw.h ) 225 235 235 215
Emission Index Euro Ⅱ
Dimensions (mm*mm*mm) 805*560*632 720*606*672 720*606*672 960*720*765
Net Weight (Kg) 235 285 285 380

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